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Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia was founded on February 10th, 2009 by (in alphabetical order) :
Mrs. Pia Alisjahbana
Mr. Chendra Panatan
Mr. Dedi Panigoro
Ananda Sukarlan.

The board of directors are the following :
Ms. Karina Suklan
Mrs. Karini Nugroho
Mrs. Putu Swasti
Mrs. Dewi H. Gadjahmada .


The aim of this foundation is to help young people, whose parents/family are not so well-off, to have access to classical music and its education, including playing an instrument. We also endeavor to activate the Indonesian classical music scene, by giving support to Indonesian young musicians and form a strong identity of Indonesian classical music so that in the future we can be proud of it, and introduce it to the whole world. It is NOT our aim to convert as many people of the young generations to become musicians ; but to introduce music to their lives, since we believe that music enriches our lives and therefore it would reduce criminality, make people more creative, intelligent and balance both sides of the brain. So, we welcome your contribution and participation in whatever things you can give : old musical instruments, classical music recordings, scores, sponsorship and anything else you can think of. Together we can make the world a better place !


Starting from May 1st this year (2011), YMSI is proud to have Mesty Ariotedjo as our spokeswoman and ambassador. Mesty is a very talented young lady, whose abundant love for music, life and people is such that it is contageous. She combines it with her love with the world of health & medicine which is her professional occupation, and is hoping that those two worlds would meet and support each other. She is also genuinely passionate for spreading classical music to as many people as possible, and therefore we are honoured to have her as our ambassador, partner and friend in reaching our goals to make Indonesia a better nation through classical music.


Should you have any inquiries, please email to admin


Yayasan Musik Sastra Indonesia (Indonesian Classical Music Foundation)
Ananda Sukarlan Center for Music & Dance

ITC Fatmawati,
Jl. RS Fatmawati, Kompleks Duta Mas Blok A1 no. 11,
Jakarta 12150 .




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  • dedi


  • dewi Dewi was graduated  in 1991 from Department of Architecture, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). After staying in Germany for short course in 1992-1993, then she was joined in Fortune Indonesia Goup of Companies which its line of bussiness is in Integrated Communications. Now she is one of the Director of PT. Fortune Adwicipta, a subsidiary company of PT. Fortune Indonesia Tbk.

  • Putu_Swasti-2

  • karini_nugrohoAfter graduated from Law School of the University of Indonesia, Karini worked in Central for Legal Studies and was involved in law research in Indonesia and the United States. Following years of research, she started legal practice in law firms and public listed companies.  In 2004, she and some of her colleagues established a corporate law firm, Wahyu Nugroho Legal Practice, in which she is now an advisor.

  • karina_suklanKarina is an entrepreneur and has an education background in economy.  With her partners, she has set up PT Wahana Boga which engages in café and restaurants business.  She is a director and owner of PT Panca Mitra Karsa, a real estate company.  She has also actively involved in construction works at PT Komponindo Bentonjaya for many years.


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