News on February 2011

1. Article in The Jakarta Globe
2. New video of AS's "Choral Fantasy"
3. Latest music

1. Don't miss an interview with the Maestro in Wednesday's (Feb. 9th) edition of  "The Jakarta Globe". The interview was done by the reporter Juliwati Cokromulio. The online version is available now here : The Jakarta Globe

2. A new video taken from the Jakarta New Year Concert 2011 was just uploaded on youtube. It's Ananda Sukarlan's choral work "Choral Fantasy", based on the poem "Belavita" ("A Beautiful Life") by the late poet W.S. Rendra. The piece was commissioned by Paragita Choir of Universitas Indonesia to commemorate the poet's death in 2009, and this new interpretation was by Monarch Orcaellanum Luminare Choir conducted by Angela Astri Soemantri. This is the only documented performance with the composer himself on the piano. Check it out at : 

3. After a successful concert tour in Galicia, the Maestro is now back home. He will stay home, composing a new movement of his Piano Concerto and also another choir work with piano (unlike his Choral Fantasy, without vocal soloist this time) on poem(s) by Joko Pinurbo. It will be his second choral work based on words of this favorite poet of his. The first was "Jokpiniana no.1", commissioned by ITB Choir and its director Indra Listiyanto. You can listen to it, performed by the same choir that commissioned it at :

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