A Valentine's day gift for you from Ananda Sukarlan

Ananda Sukarlan, Indonesian Classical Music Foundation (www.musik-sastra.com) and Ananda Sukarlan Center would like to wish you a Happy Valentine's day full of peace and love to all of you music lovers! Just last weekend we received a video clip, so beautifully done by a friend in Holland, Felix Justin, who is a pianist & a big fan of Ananda's most touching & poignant duet aria from his Cantata Ars Amatoria, "Dalam Doaku" (In my prayers), based on a poem by Sapardi Djoko Damono. We would like to share it with you all as a Valentine's Day gift. Hope you can enjoy watching & listening to it with your loved ones :

Another video of Ananda Sukarlan's music have just been uploaded. "Vivaldi's Winter of Discontent" is a spectacular piece for 4 pianos which becomes a movement from his suite "Pianississimo" for multiple pianos. The piece evokes Ananda's interpretation from Vivaldi's The Four Season travelling through time machine to this new millenium, full of anxiety due to the global warming and climate changes. The 4 finalists of Ananda Sukarlan Award 2010 performs the world premiere at the Jakarta New Year Concert 2011
. Happy Valentine's Day !

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