Magelang, Madrid & Taipei welcomes the music of Ananda Sukarlan

Ananda Sukarlan's Pocket Opera "Ibu, yang anaknya diculik itu" had been staged with great success at the Bank Indonesia Auditorium last weekend, thanks to the stunning soprano Aning Katamsi as the sole protagonist of the opera who mesmerized and brought the audience to tears. In this 3rd production of this opera there are still people who could not get the tickets or those who would like to repeat this moving experience, which prompted the Mitra Seni Foundation (whose representatives came to the performances last weekend and were so enthusiastic about it) to produce it again in October in Jakarta. We are looking for a big hall of a capacity of at least an audience of 1000, and we will keep you informed about its 4th production.
We are especially grateful to Purana Batik who designed the costumes especially for this production for all performers, to Kawai Piano for its fantastic instrument, to His Excellency The Ambassador of Great Britain & Mme. Phyllis Hatfull for their attendance and closing comments on stage (very flattering, by the way!), to Jakarta Opera and its director Ian Peirson who commissioned this opera and its World Premiere production back in 2009, and of course the public & so many people who have made this production possible.

The National Voice Competition "Tembang Puitik Ananda Sukarlan" in Surabaya has been also successfully held by Amadeus Enterprise, and it can boast its fantastic young vocalists as its winners: tenor Adi Nugroho, soprano Evelyn Merrelita, soprano Indah Prastanti, soprano Theodora Amabel Beatrice, soprano Linda Hartono. The tenor Adi Nugroho excelled even more in the interpretation of all Ananda Sukarlan's vocal works, which prompted Ananda Sukarlan and his management to invite him to perform together in his concerts in several cities in Indonesia. Their first concert will be in Magelang at :

Borobudur Indah Hotel, Syailendra Hall Jl. A Yani no 246 Magelang,
at 19.30 hrs,
tickets VIP Rp 50.000,- Festival Rp 25.000,- CP Yuni LH 0812 277 9699 & Yefta Tandiyo 0888 0283 3003

At this Magelang concert Ananda will also perform his Rapsodia Nusantara no.2 at last in front of its commissioner , Dr. Oei Hong Djien. This second Rapsodia has been performed in other cities such as Rome and Mexico City, and after the Magelang concert Ananda will perform it in Madrid at:
the Concert Hall of the Juan March Foundation, Madrid, on Wednesday April 4th at 19.30 p.m , together with works by Spanish composers David del Puerto, Santiago Lanchares, Jesus Rueda, Carlos Peron & Alfredo Aracil. This concert in Madrid will be broadcast live by the Radio 2, Radio Nacional de Espana.

At ther same day of the concert in Magelang, on April 30, 2011 the piano faculty of the Taipei University, Taiwan will be performing Ananda's work for 3 pianos - 6 pianists, "Schumann's Psychosis". The concert will take at the National Concert Hall in Taipei.
You can watch a video recording from the world premiere of "Schumann's Psychosis" back in 2009 at:

.Performing the world premiere were the winners & finalists of Ananda Sukarlan Award National Piano Competition 2008: Inge Buniardi, Randy Ryan, Audrey Sarasvathi, Sheila Victoria Pietono, Handy Suroyo, Alfred Young Sugiri.

Ananda Sukarlan can be followed at

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